PreO bajnokság Érd

2017 PreO Hungarian Championships

PreO bajnoksábon vett részt a csapat.

The Hungarian TrailO season kicked off last weekend with the accomplishment of the PreO National Championships. Zoltán Miháczi and Miksa Laáber got the titles in the Elite Open class and Elite Paralympic class, respectively.
Thirty-eight TrailO fans headed Érd, a city in Pest County, Budapest metropolitan area, for the 2017 PreO National Championships. First competition held in Hungary this year, the Championships took place in a former military shooting range, offering twenty four tasks, plus two timed stations, one before the start (four tasks) and the other after the finish (three tasks). Two out of 24 controls have been voided.
Set by Fruzsina Biró, well-known TrailOrienteer worldwide, the course was technically very demanding, taking benefit mostly from the vegetation features and also from Biró's expertise in designing several tricky tasks. In the Elite Open class, Zoltán Miháczi (TTE) managed to perform at the highest level, finishing with twenty two points and a two-point advantage over Ferenc Fehér (ZTC), second placed. Four points after the winner, András Komoróczki (SAS) achieved the bronze medal. Miksa Laáber (MER), another well-known Hungarian TrailOrienteer, did also a great course, getting the gold with 19 points. Anna Tóth (MER) finished second, seven points less than the winner. With ten points, Viktor Beke (SIR) got the third place. Zsófia Nagy and Viktória Toth, both representing DCS, were the winner in the Elite Junior Open class and Elite Junior Paralympic class, respectively.
To the Portuguese Orienteering Blog, Zóltan Miháczi talked about a “difficult course”, highlighting “Miksa Laáber's good result, with just three mistakes in the Paralympic class”. About his victory, Miháczi preferred to mention his recent participations in the Portugal O' Meeting and Lipica TrailO as “something that helped me, once it was the first TrailO event of the season for the other competitors”. Miháczi talked also about “the great pleasure to see some competitors from new territories” and finished with a word of hope: “Maybe next year, after many year, Hungary be able to be represented in the European Championships, in Slovakia, with a full team.”
Elite Open
1. Zoltán Miháczi (TTE) 22 points / 86 seconds
2. Ferenc Fehér (ZTC) 20 points / 174 seconds
3. András Komoróczki (SAS) 18 points / 281 seconds
4. Antónia Holper (TTE) 17 points / 59 seconds
5. Anikó Madarassy (BEA) 17 points / 83 seconds
Elite Paralympic
1. Miksa Laáber (MER) 19 points / 239 seconds
2. Anna Tóth (MER) 12 points / 377 seconds
3. Viktor Beke (SIR) 10 points / 296 seconds
4. Panna Réday (MER) 7 points / 359 seconds
5. Rita Sárai (SIR) 5 points / 438 seconds
Elite Junior Open
1. Zsófia Nagy (DCS) 14 points / 69 seconds
2. Dóra Nagy (DCS) 12 points / 183 seconds
3. Kinga Surányi (DCS) 11 points / 327 seconds
Elite Junior Paralympic
1. Viktória Tóth (DCS) 11 points / 324 seconds
2. Balász Hamvai (DCS) 10 points / 243 seconds